2017 Reunion LZ Gettysburg, PA. (Sep 17, 18, 19, 2017)

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2017 Reunion LZ Gettysburg, PA. (Sep 17, 18, 19, 2017)


This information will obviously be updated over the next year. As Pat and Carol find out more and new information, we will do our best to keep this information as up to date as possible, both on our Troop website and on our FaceBook page.

Gettysburg Reunion September 17,18 and 19th, 2017

Hotel: 1863 Inn of Gettysburg, PA, 516 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Reservations: 866-953-4483 say you’re booking for Charlie Troop 1/9 Cavalry. You may begin making reservations now. You must use a Credit or Debit Card. When you arrive, you must pay with a Credit or Debit Card or with Cash. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Room Rates: September 15th and 16th $134.00 plus tax per night**
September 17th through the 21st is $118. Plus tax per night **
Complimentary Rise and Shine Hot breakfast is included 6:30 – 10AM.

**If more than two adults are staying in the same room and all are over 18 an additional $10.00 per night per additional person will be charged.
ROOMS MUST BE RESERVED BY JULY 14TH. Rooms will be released back to the general public on July 15th.

Cancellation: Must be made 7 days prior or you will be charged for one night. Medical emergencies are an exception.


September 17th : Sign in 9AM until 5PM.
7PM Meet and Greet. Cost is $18.00 each Adult Children 4 to 12 will be $9.00 each <3 Free. There will be a “pay as you go” bar available during the Meet and Greet (7PM-10PM) only. This service will not be provided any other night. September 18th: 7AM Trip to DC. We will be conducting “Our Fallen Brothers” ceremony at the Wall. We will have Yellow Roses with Black Ribbons for all the Troopers to leave by the Wall. We will then have time to look up our Fallen Brothers on the Wall, the Nurses Statute, the Three Man Statute and the Women’s Statute before leaving for Lunch. Buses will take us to Union Station for lunch After lunch we will be taken to the WWII and Korean Monuments before leaving for Gettysburg at 3 PM. We have three buses scheduled. These will hold between 150 and 160.

Buses: September the 18th. Trip to Washington DC to the Mall. Load Buses 7AM. Buses will leave at 7:15am. If you are not on board the buses by 7:15am you will be left behind.

*******Carol must have a true count of # of riders NO LATER THAN July 30th. This count must be turned into the Bus Company by close of business that day.

We have three buses reserved. If we cancel a bus we cannot be guaranteed we can add one. The cost of the buses are $1200 each.

7 PM Dinner Cost $30.00 each Adult Children 4-12 $15.00 <3 y/o Free September 19th:
The day is yours

Ceremony for the 1967 Troopers begins at 5PM.It is requested that all Troopers attend the ceremony

Dinner 7 PM Cost $30.00 each Adult. Children 4-12 $15.00 <3 y/o Free. Hospitality Room will be opened daily except on Monday the 18th. This is to include after dinners.

No Alcohol beverages will be provided in the Hospitality room as the Inn has a liquor license and you must purchase your alcohol from them. Soft drinks, water and snacks for free. We will also have hot coffee available.

IT IS A POSSIBILITY THAT SOME OF THE FOOD COST COULD GO UP SLIGHTLY as I am putting this out a year in advance. We have been assured that it won’t but let’s be flexible.

There is no requirement that you have dinner with the rest of us. However. Out of respect for your Brothers, please attend the ceremony to honor our Troopers who went to Vietnam during 1967.

****** Charlie Troop will pay for the Buses for all Troopers and their spouses. Over the past five years, our members who participated in Raffles, Silent Auctions and other Fund Raising events have donated to this endeavor. Also, those who have made donations to our Charlie Troop Funds, like John Craig who donates $100.00 or more every year but has never made a reunion.

Patrick Bieneman

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